Without fault:

The Responsible Party has the right to cancel this contract without penalty or further obligation to the Club within three (3) days after signing the Agreement by notifying the Club in writing upon receipt of such cancellation notice, the Club shall refund any payments made under this contract and cancel any evidence of indebtedness signed by the Responsible Party.

Disabling condition:

The Responsible Party may cancel this contract if the Athlete becomes disabled, is so severely injured while playing or practicing with the Club that he/she cannot practice or compete for more than three (3) months, or the Athlete’s estate cancels the Agreement in the event of the Athlete’s death. Upon receipt of such cancellation notice the Club may retain that portion of the dues or collect that portion of the indebtedness incurred by the Participant(s) that is equal to the proportionate value of the services, use of facilities, equipment and registration fees the Participant(s) has already received from the Club.