Mini Club

All players must be 2019 AAU members

Every year AAU Memberships are available for purchase and/or renewal on August 15th.

Please read which one applies to your daughter and how to proceed.

My daughter does not have a 2018-2019 AAU Membership:

You will sign a facility waiver for your daughter and then purchase the 2018-2019 membership on August 15, 2019.

My daughter has a 2018-2019 AAU Membership:

We ask that you bring a copy of your 2018-2019 membership card to the placement day then purchase the 2019-2020 membership on August 15. 2019.

On August 15, 2019 all players must purchase a 2019-2020 AAU Membership:

Please visitĀ www.aausports.orgĀ after August 15, 2019 and click on Join Now.

($14.00 2019-2020 athlete membership) Make sure to choose Tampa North as your club.